Welcome to the Cab Yogi

Cab Yogi is a revolutionary app which lets you compare various radio cabs. And not only that! It gives you a reliable estimate of the price of your journey, comparative rates of various cars, cab booking service and much more! Cab Yogi is here to make your journeys easier and hassle free!

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Cab Yogi is designed to make your life easier with:

User-friendly app design

User-friendly design

Our app comes in a user-friendly design. All the features and tabs are designed for faster navigation. The app employs adequate yet minimum image and text.

All your cabs in one place

All your cabs in one place

This is a unique app which lets you know about the rates of various radio cars in one place. Now you don't have to use more than one app to do this simple thing!

Ready from Smartphones

Ready from Smartphones

Cab Yogi app is specially made to run on smartphones. With its simple interface, using it is easy.



  • Meter

    The Meter is a very helpful add-on feature. It lets you get a reliable idea of what you should be paying. Just click on the Meter Tab and it shall start counting. Stop when you reach your destination. Now you don't need to overpay!

  • Rate card

    Everyone wants the cheapest option! When it comes to radio cabs, we make it easier. The Rate Card lets you compare the various cab options so you can choose the one which costs the least!

  • Ride Estimate

    If you want additional estimates about your journey's potential cost, then this handy tool is your best friend. All you need to do is to enter some basic information, including the pickup point and drop point and it shall give you an estimate of your ride.

compare price of your cab journey
  • Book a Ride

    We wish to give you all the tools in one single app to make your life easier. Cab Yogi lets you book the cab of your choice and preference after seeing their comparative prices.

  • A custom Tab

    In this tab, you can keep a list of your preferred cabs, all the ones in which you have journeyed till date. We have made it user-friendly for you, so you can edit it easily.

  • Expected Time of Arrival

    There are days when you just don't have the time to go through numerous pages and compare cabs. For such times, we give you this option. From this page, you can choose the cab with the shortest ETA.